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The Pain Of Arthritis And How To Deal With It

For mild to moderate arthritis pain, try a soothing massage. A massage will help your muscles to relax and decrease your stress levels. Choose a massage therapist with professional experience in treating arthritis patients. Again, if your joint pain is too extreme, a massage will only cause you more pain. It’s better to put off the massage until your pain is diminished.

You should try to lose weight if you are stricken with arthritis. Excess weight causes undue pressure on joints and stresses them more than they need to be. Focus on good nutrition and an overall healthier lifestyle. Set weight loss goals if need be.

Applying a damp heating pad to inflamed joints is a good way to take care of unexpected arthritis attacks. Combining heat and moisture offers relief from inflammation caused by arthritis. Using the pad for about fifteen minutes often helps the pain and restores your joint’s comfort.

Drink enough water. Always choose water over other drinks, and drink as often as you can. Don’t drink dehydrating liquids, like those with caffeine.

People who don’t eat meat seem to have a lower probability of getting arthritis. If a vegetarian diet does not appeal to you, then at least concentrate on incorporating more fresh greens into your meals. It’s especially good to find foods with high antioxidant levels, like green beans and peas. Antioxidants are good for joint health. Don’t overlook other nutrients– enjoy these foods along with the rest of your balanced diet.

Try to focus on other things rather than the pain. If you spend time thinking about the pain, you feel more of it.

Replace your old pairs of shoes after you have worn them for a year. When your shoes become old, they are not reliving any pressure on your joints and will not provide the support that you need when you walk; these should be replaced.

Fight against arthritis with every thing you have. By working more to keep arthritis at bay, your treatments can be more effective. Keep moving even if you feel like stopping.

If you have arthritis and are building a house, have the architect make some alterations to suit your needs. Sit down with your builder and make a list. These simple modifications will allow you to perform daily tasks with greater ease and less pain.

Ask your doctors advice regarding using heat and/or cold therapy on your joints. You can use ice packs or soak affected joints in ice water to soothe pain. Alternately, heating pads, warm water soaks, and moist heat packs are quite helpful. You can alternate between hot and cold; however, don’t overuse this method.

Don’t wear high heels or uncomfortable shoes unless you want to make your arthritis worse. Wherever your arthritis affects you, a pair of uncomfortable shoes can make the effects of your arthritis worse. This is why you should purchase comfortable shoes that will give you needed support.

Try some low impact exercises such as swimming, cycling and walking. These will all help to erase some discomfort in your joints that is caused from arthritis. Talk to your doctor before trying any exercises if you have concerns that it could possibly contribute to arthritic pain or discomfort.

As you’ve learned, you are not alone in suffering from arthritis because millions suffer from at least one type of it. The more you know about your condition, the easier it will be to deal with it. Put the preceding advice into action and wave goodbye to your arthritis forever.

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